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Outlook 2024: The End Of The Easy Money Era

By Jonathan Laberge

Thank you for your interest in BCA Research.

At the end of each year, BCA Research’s long-time clients Mr. X and his daughter, Ms. X, visit our office to discuss the economic and financial market outlook for the year that lies ahead. This client interview has become most anticipated and well-read by all of our clients. We transcribed the interview into a report “Outlook 2024: The End of the Easy Money Era.” It is an excellent way to read about our clients’ concerns and how our strategist’s views, analysis and forecasts can help you.

In the BCA Outlook 2024 report, we maintain that the easy money era that prevailed from 2009-2021 is over. Neither a prolonged zero interest rate policy, nor the sustained use of quantitative easing as a monetary policy tool, are likely to emerge during the next recession. This report covers:

• The End Of The Easy Money Era
• The Global Economic Outlook
• Bond Market Prospects
• Equity Market Outlook
• Currencies And Commodities
• Geopolitics
• 2024 Conclusions

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