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To help you make better investment decisions, BCA Research’s blog features select weekly insights of our leading global macroeconomic and investment research across all geographies and asset classes.

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ChatGPT And The Curse Of The Second Law | BCA Research | Peter Berezin

Expanding on his Special Report entitled ChatGPT And The Curse Of The Second Law, Chief Global Strategist Peter Berezin joins BCA senior analyst Melanie Kermadjian to discuss the economic and...

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BCA eAcademy

BCA Research eAcademy Global Asset Allocation

BCA Research eAcademy Global Asset Allocation is a two-hour virtual course taking place on May 9th, 11th, 16th and 18th. Led by Garry Evans, Chief Strategist of BCA Research's Global Asset Allocation...

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Webcast Replay

Bank Collapses - What Next?

In light of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank over the weekend, BCA Research strategists Peter Berezin, Doug Peta, Ryan Swift, and Irene Tunkel discuss what these events mean for...

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BCA Quick Takes

Takeaways From China's NPC

Host Roukaya Ibrahim talks to BCA Research’s Geopolitical Strategist Matt Gertken about his initial takeaways following the opening of China’s National People’s Congress. Do the economic targets...

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Chart Of The Week

More Large-Cap Bank Failures Are Unlikely

Since Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) was seized by the FDIC last Friday, and Signature Bank (SBNY) was shattered over the weekend, investors have been on pins and needles wondering how many more banks...

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In The News

European Stocks Shine Despite War in Ukraine

Chief Global Investment Strategist Peter Berezin provided his insights on the Eurozone market in this Morningstar article, published on Feb. 17, 2023: "The eurozone market...has been buoyed by the...

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